EU Funded and International Research Projects

  •    “Novel NLO hybrid nanomaterials based on block copolymers and metal nanoparticles: Synthesis, Characterization and Theoretical Calculations”, Cyprus Research Foundation 2008-2011, P.I.
  •     “Nanostructured Photonic Sensors-NANOPHOS”, Information Society Technologies, IST-2001-39112, 2003-2006, P.I.
  •   “Mixed air steam turbines fired by liquid fuels (MAST B LIQUID)”, Environmental Protection, Energy Saving, Renewable Sources of Energy ENK5-CT-2002-00668, 2002-2006, P.I.
  •   “An Integrate Approach to Designing High Intensity Discharge Lighting Systems-NUMELITE”, NNE5-2001-00282, 2002-2005, P.R.
  •    “Widening our Knowledge on Derivative Fullerenes: Modeling, Synthesis, Characterization and Application in Donor-Acceptor ensembles-WONDERFULL”, Research Training Networks 2001-00136, 2002-2006, P.I.
  •    “Improved Process Control of Hot Metal Production Through a Non-Intrusive, On-line Sensing System for Metals in Topgas of Blast Furnace-PROCSSYMO”, ECSC-99, 7120-PR/128, 1999-2002, P.I.
  •     “Development of multipurpose industrial separator units for recycling of plastic wastes by on-line pattern recognition of polymer features-SUREPLAST”, FP4-BRPR-CT98-0783, 1998-2001, P.I.
  •    “Usable Fullerene Derivatives: Synthesis, Stabilization, Spectroscopy and Systematics-USEFULL”, TMR Research Network ERB 4061 PL97-0217, 1997-2001, P.I.

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