Electromagnetism II

Electromagnetism II


(6th semester course- 5 hours teaching weekly)

Teaching jointly with Professor A.T. Georges

Course Outline:

  • Review of Electrostatics, Special techniques of calculation of the electric potential, Laplace’s Equation, Method of image charges, Separation of Variables, Multipole expansion.
  • Electrostatic fields in matter.
  • Polarization, study of the field of a polarized object, Electric displacement field, linear dielectrics.
  • Magnetostatics.
  • Divergence and curl of B. Magnetic vector potential.
  • Magnetic Fields in matter.
  • Magnetization, the field of a magnetized object, the auxiliary field H.
  • Electrodynamics.
  • Electromotive Force, Faraday’s Law, Maxwell’s equations, potential in electrodynamics, energy and momentum in electrodynamics.
  • Electromagnetic Waves.
  • Wave equation, electromagnetic waves in conductors and non-conducting media.
  • Retarded potentials, multipole expansion, electric and magnetic dipole radiation.



  • “Introduction to Electrodynamics”, D. J. Griffiths, Crete University Press, 2012.
  • “Electromagnetism”, G.L. Pollack and D.R. Stump, Addison Wesley, 2002.
  • “Electricity and Magnetism”, E.M. Purcell, Berkeley Physics Course, Vol. 2, 1984.
  • “Electromagnetic Fields”, R.K. Wangsness, 2nd Ed., John Wiley, 1986.
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